Monday, 28 July 2014

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for business

More and more of your customers are interacting with you on their mobiles rather than their PC's. Social media, responsive websites and mobile apps make it easier for customers to access you wherever and whenever, therefore it is important to keep up with your competitors and cater to the mobile market.

A cost effective way to become available on mobile is to get a responsive website which could mean updating your existing site or getting a new one altogether. A responsive site is scaled down to look good on mobiles and it is also easier to use on mobiles.

Mobile apps that have a feature which your website does not have is also a good route to take. More expensive but gives a great brand impression. If you have the budget it is advised to make the app available on all platforms including Iphone/Ipad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. After all you don't want your customers to miss out due to the phone they have. You can add something like a game, social media or something unique to your app to get people coming back. The possibilities are endless and mobile apps can start from £750 per platform depending on complexity and which agency you go to. Metapps Ltd is a very competitive agency.

Mobile apps can also be used in businesses internally. Many restaurants, banks and sales companies use Ipads with their app built specifically for their requirements. Whether it be used for inputting customer data, orders or stock taking for example, a mobile app can increase efficiency in your company.

Social media is another way your customers can interact, this can be included in your website or mobile app. Customer services is even more important in this day and age as it is so much easier to complain publicly via Facebook or Twitter. You will also have to be careful how to respond to customers often it is good to make a public response even to let the customer know that you will contact them directly so that other customers can see that you do take complaints seriously. Also if you get a FAQ (frequently asked question) and respond on social media it can cut down the amount of messages you need to respond to as they can see an answer.

Mobile apps for entrepreneurs

Ever had an idea for a new games, social network or something to fill a gap in the market? A mobile app can go viral and become an instant success with a good concept and good marketing. Whether it is something new or improving existing functionality there are opportunities for everyone to create mobile apps. Usually the basic apps which are simple for users are the best!

Competitive agencies such as MetApps Ltd are great for individuals as they produce low cost apps with great quality, there are also payment plans available to suit all pockets.

Mobile apps can be seen as an investment, the larger the user base the more likely that the app can be sold at a profit. Mobile apps can also be used to gain income from advertising, charging the user to download the app or by containing in app purchases depending on the nature of the app.

Overall, mobile apps will become more popular than websites therefore to keep engaged to your market GET AN APP! For a competitive quote visit or call 0121 663 0119.

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